Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fly me to the moon ...

We enjoyed a long weekend. No work, all play. Very enjoyable it was, too.

Firstly, there was the Heights of Abraham. A cable-car thingy takes you up to a rather impressive peak, with assorted fun at the top - including a falconry display, a cave-cum-lead -mine and a cup of tea.

We also finally got to visit the National Space Centre, which I'd recommend to anyone above the age of perhaps 3. Our youngest is 3; he did enjoy some parts of it but most were above his head - though he didn't get bored.

Finally, having deposited eldest daughter and friend at Alton Towers, we explored Dovedale. I have also recently replaced my lost digital video camera gadget, so this gives me the ideal excuse to post a piccy, too:

Yes, yes, we're shameless tourists - but the sun came out and it wasn't that busy .. so we crossed about 5 times in all. Not one toe in the water - which I think is pretty good going. To be honest, it's fairly easy for someone with an adult stride - but a bit more tricky for a 3-year-old [which is why I've got a slight backache this morning ;^) ].

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