Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'll ask 21 questions, and they all about us*

I love the questions children ask. Love meant in a sarcastic way - and then sometimes quite genuinely. My children are home-educated - as you may be aware - so questions are a important and should be answered truthfully and with enough information to either provoke further questions, or satisfy the curiosity.

No2 son asked his first "why" question yesterday - as has been documented elsewhere. Yesterday evening, No2 daughter - who's been picking away at the issue of babies, birth and more recently, conception, having an interest in biology - asked "so, how does the man's seed get into the woman, then?".

Answers on a postcard ...

[*] I would've picked a line from Eminem's "3 Questions" - but there weren't any clean ones ... and there were only two questions ;^)

Friday, August 12, 2005

So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye ...

Gone! All gone!

I bid a fond farewell to my trusty (and rusty) 400/4. I nice old bloke came to take it away.

I took my (now) wife for our first date on that bike. We went to see the bonfire celebrations .. and it broke down about a mile before we got there. A pivotal moment in our relationship.

I do have the reassurance that it'll be restored and running again sometime :^)

Bye, bye.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm on the road again ...


I've got my bike back. I've got my bike back! <insert photos here>

T'was only a chafed wire and a blown fuse - apparently. And they didn't charge me the earth for it. Good ol' Alf's.

What's more, my 400/4 has some bids: not as much as I'd like, but more that I'd feared.

.. shame it's raining today, really ... :^/

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Down down deeper and down ...

I don't believe it!

The day from hell ... and I get to sound more and more like Victor Meldrew.

I start my wonderful new motorbike (see previous post). I ride off to work. Well, towards work. I get about 1.5 miles and .. it breaks down. I don't believe it!

Now I take this fairly philosphically. I decide to phone the breakdown service. After much repeating of the information, I'm told someone will be with me in under an hour. Oh, well. It's not raining. I'll wait here, then.

An hour and a half later (though they had phoned me, to be fair), I'm on-board the truck and heading for the nearest bike garage. They're closed. Closed! I don't believe it! So: two hours after I set off, I'm back home - with a bike which won't go. :^(

I decide to take the morning off and go in after lunch. I tinker with the bike's electrics (which is my initial diagnosis: watch this space to find the cause - once it's fixed) to no avail.

Having hurried my lunch, I run to the station. I've just missed a train and the net one's not for twenty-five minutes. I don't believe it. Well, I suppose I do. I'm beginning to get rather fatalistic about today.

I try in vain to squeeze a day's work into half a day: it doesn't fit. On the way home .. the train braks down. I. Don't. Believe. It! This is getting silly. Everything I touch today turns up crap. Bummer. I'm supposed to be going over to see a mate tonight for a couple of beers. I vow not to take the car as it's the only form of transport left.

Actually from there, the day wasn't so bad - though I did spend over an hour getting to, and over an hour getting home from the mate's house .. only to spend 50 minutes there 'cos the last train's really early round here.

Do-be-do down, down.