Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'll ask 21 questions, and they all about us*

I love the questions children ask. Love meant in a sarcastic way - and then sometimes quite genuinely. My children are home-educated - as you may be aware - so questions are a important and should be answered truthfully and with enough information to either provoke further questions, or satisfy the curiosity.

No2 son asked his first "why" question yesterday - as has been documented elsewhere. Yesterday evening, No2 daughter - who's been picking away at the issue of babies, birth and more recently, conception, having an interest in biology - asked "so, how does the man's seed get into the woman, then?".

Answers on a postcard ...

[*] I would've picked a line from Eminem's "3 Questions" - but there weren't any clean ones ... and there were only two questions ;^)

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