Monday, May 15, 2006

And I wish I was on that N17 ...

Well, not actually the N17 - 'cos that's elsewhere [pause for whistful sigh]. Nope: we were on the A6. Doesn't even scan. It did, however, take us on our first Sunday outing to the Peaks. A jolly time was had, too. Even our eldest - who was doing grumpy teenager on account of inadequate sleep - managed to enjoy herself over a frothy hot chocolate (well, you would, wouldn't you?).

We sampled the touristy delights of Bakewell (home of the pie/pudding/tart of the same name). The children even learned something! [Not anything partuicularly useful, of course ;^)] Apparently, the Bakewell Pudding was created by accident as a result of a misunderstood recipe. Or something.

What with this and going to see Little Britain Live on Saturday we're beginning to con ourselves that we might be getting a life.

My family will now be off to collect our new puppy. We'd promised ourselves that our new life in our new house in a new part of the country would involve a dog. And hey - why not. There's loads of rolling countryside hereabouts. Roll on walkies: rain or shine, I'm sure there's something rather therapeutic about it.

... Stone walls and the grass is green

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