Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What a difference a day makes ...

That was then .. this is now.

We are, finally, moved in. That'll learn me to wax lyrical about how straightforward things seem to be. What'll learn me? I hear you cry. Well, the saga continues ..

Almost immediately following my last post [no, not the last post. tsk], we went to see our new house. All full of enthusiasm, we drove to our new home. I stopped off at the estate agents and was greeted at the door with a cheery "hello - come to collect the keys?". But keys there were none. "Sorry - we don't seem to have them yet." It was about that time I started to get that sinking feeling.

A quick visit to the house confirmed that the previous owners had not yet moved out - completely. The brief urge to ram the door, change the locks and sue them for the cost of dumping their remaining belongings subsided and we called it a day and went home, somewhat deflated.

To cut a long story short, all was resolved by the next morning and the removals duly transported our stuff in numerous boxes from old to new and we are now installed. I hesitate to say "moved in", as there is a significant proportion of our wherewithall which is still in boxes. We do, however, have a living room, a fairly clear kitchen and a pro tem dining room in the conservatory. We all have beds and are beginning to sort out the "occasionally used" items (junk to you and me).

So life is beginning to take some shape. The shape is embryonic at present, but becoming more real and believable by the day. The crowing of the cockerel which lives round the corner is already familiar - as is the neighing of the horse in a nearby field. The sounds of trunk road have been replaced by children playing and (as you can tell), civilisation has arrived in the form of broadband.

... brought the sun and the flowers ...

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