Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rip It Up and Start Again ...*

Whoops! Slap wrist for me .. four weeks gone and no news! I'm still in shock, I think.

Well, it's been a bit of a roller-coaster, really. We've had a change of heart about the house we're buying. We've had children wanting to go back to school then not wanting to, then wanting to again. As we're now buying somewhere different (different town and everything) the whole school kermuddle has changed again - but on the positive side, the new location has a great looking school and the local education authority are more friendly towards home educators.

The new choice of home is much closer to our dream cottage in the country [see Just Give Me a Home ...]. It is an eighties box to some extent, but it's a well laid out eighties box - with some improvements along the way. The integral garage has been converted into a downstairs study and a utility room, and a small conservatory has been added. The master bedroom also has an en-suite built in. (We've grown to like en-suites!) The garden is small - but no smaller than we've had before - and just round the corner is open farmland with a bridle path going one way and a footpath leading up the hill the other way. 200 yards down the road there is a good sized playground set in a large recreation ground, which leads on to a deer park.

My brother and his wife have also found themselves a new home. They'll be closer to us - even though our move takes us further from where they live now. It's all change round 'ere.

So, we're going to stay in the old house for the weekend, again. I'm assuming it'll be a bit less wierd this time .. but I'll keep you posted.

T'ra, duck!

* again?

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