Thursday, February 01, 2007

How Tao Art Thou?

Now, I'm not usually one for this kind of caper, but I came across this quizlet again today and I couldn't resist. In particular, I can think of someone who should take this test ...

You are 55% Taoist!

You are a Novice Monk / Nun in the Temple of Tao. You have selected the Taoist path, but need to get serious about your education in its philosophy and applications. You have already shown quite a few Taoist tendencies and have great potential!

How Tao Art Thou?

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StrayTaoist said...

So I took it. In two ways, because there is more than one way. Although, even trying not to be one, I ended up with 70%, as for trying to answer the questions in the way they want, I can get withing a Buddha's finger of being an actual moonbeam.)