Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ubuntu Upgrade

So .. three days on, how's the Ubuntu upgrade? [non-techies may safely assume this post isn't for them]

Regulars may have guessed that my weekend was spent upgrading Ubuntu from version 7.04 ("Feisty Fox") to version 7.10 ("Gutsy Gibbon"). The download and upgrade all executed without hitch. It did take longer than anticipated, but worked fine. I had downloaded the CD ISO image (and sharing via bittorrent - a very popular file!) before realising that there was an upgrade path. Upgrading meant downloading a whole CD's worth of updates ...

There have been a few slight wobbles with Firefox locking up and user switching getting confused - but no real showstoppers. Picasa still works - though users have to be added to the video group, now that AppArmour locks down the video devices. The icing on the cake is getting my printer working, thanks to discussion list help.


  1. test NTFS compatability

  2. migrate user directories to common Windows / Linux partitions

  3. encourage the family to try it out

Onwards to life beyond Windows!


StrayTaoist said...

NTFS works fine, no hassles. It was the Xgl stuff I had issues with. Maybe I will go back to blackbox/fluxbox as a window manager, things were so much easier in those days. (Our designer in here keeps muttering as to why I can't use a GUI when I hack on his machine to fix things for him. I dunno, kids today.)

Raymond said...

I always found twm to work well - and efficiently. ;^)