Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ain't she sweet ...?

Just remembered: a conversation from holiday. [NB: this is a precis, as I don't have perfect memory!]

Eldest son and youngest daughter - overheard passing a buffalo enclosure at the Suffolk Wildlife Park in Kessingland near Lowestoft:

son:[having read sign] oh, those are buffalo
daughter:there's no such thing as a buffalo
son:yes, of course there is
me:yes, there is: there's one over there
daughter:but I read it in a book: "there's no such thing as a buffalo"
me:which book?
daughter:"The Buffalo"
[pause while I ponder this one]
[flash of inspiration]
me:do you mean "The Gruffalo"?
daughter:oh, yes

Dontcha love kids?

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